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AURIGA's Hydraulic Breakers for backhoe loader designed to accommodate all backhoe loaders with various pin hole arrangements for all customers.

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AURIGA is manufacturer and supplier of spare parts for the following brands -


AURIGA supplies the following tools for Spare Parts -

Back Head, Cylinder, Front Head, Seal Retainer, Piston, Thrust Ring (V-Type), Thrust Bush (S-Type),
Tool Bush, Through Bolt, Valve, Accumulator, Tool Pin, Stop Pin, Tool Bush Pin, Guide Pin,
In/Out Flange, Moil Tool, Wedge Tool, Conical Tool, Socket Plug, Gas Charging Valve Plug,
Valve Adjuster, Adjuster Nut, Cylinder Adjuster, Inner Valve Assembly, Gas Charging Adjuster,
Gas Charging Cap, Heli-Coil, In/Out Adapter, In/Out Union Cap, Air Cap, Grease Nipple,
Seal Kit, Gas Seal, Buffer Seal, Dust Seal, O-Ring, Backup Ring, Diaphragm, Bracket Assembly.

• The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice for the quality enhancement.